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Group Class Schedule
Ongoing classes since 1987

(30 Years and still going!)

April / May 2018
Country Two Step 1-night class ... May 1 in SF; May 3 in Palo Alto

Mtn View class has moved to Palo Alto as of March 8, 2018
Palo Alto Cubberley Community Center
4000 Middlefield Rd - Room H6

Classes are ongoing each month in a 4-WEEK MONTHLY FORMAT (some months are 5 weeks).
**All fees are per person and reflect the "cash discount" pricing. Credit card pricing is +$2**
For class information & registration policies see below.

West Coast Swing**
(San Francisco) 136 Missouri St.
April 3,10,17,24 May 8,15,22,29
7:30-8:30pm Intermediate
4 week series $36pp 4 week series $36pp
8:30-9:30pm Int/Advanced
4 week series $36pp 4 week series $36pp
7:30-9:30pm Combo Special-both hours per evening (Int & Int/Adv) for the series 4 week series $54pp 4 week series $54pp
(Palo Alto) 4000 Middlefield Rd - H6
April 5,12,19,26
May 10,17,214,31
7:30pm-8:30pm Basics Plus
4 week series $36pp 4 week series $36pp
7:30pm-8:30pm Intermediate
4 week series $36pp 4 week series $36pp
8:30pm-9:30pm Int/Advanced
4 week series $36pp 4 week series $36pp
7:30-9:30pm Combo Special-both hours per evening (Int & Int/Adv) for the series 4 week series $54pp 4 week series $54pp

DROP-IN CLASS RATES** are also available (pay by the class)
$12 - any individual drop-in class (1-hr)
$20 - any individual drop-in class - Combo (both hours per night: Intermediate + Int/Advanced)
**All fees are per person and reflect the "cash discount" pricing. Credit card pricing is +$2

The Mountain View Class has moved to Palo Alto as of March 8, 2018
Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Rd - Room H6
Flyer click here
Cubberley Map click here

WEDNESDAY West Coast Swing Classes & Evening Dance
Fee (cash)
(pay at the door)
Classes 7-8:30pm
Dancing 8:30-11pm
West Coast Swing;
7pm WCS Level 1 & 3
7:45pm WCS Level 2 & 4
B-Street Boogie WCS
Every Wednesday in San Mateo
See web page Class & Dance $12
Dance Only $7

Country Two Step
Fee (cash)
(pre-registration requested)
7:30-9:30pm Country Two Step -
Adv Beginner & Practice
Palo Alto $20

Country Two Step
Fee (cash)
(pre-registration requested)
7:30-9:30pm Country Two Step -
Adv Beginner & Practice
San Francisco $20

Nightclub Two Step
Fee (cash)
(pre-registration requested)
7:30-9:30pm Night Club Two Step

Class Information

Class Format
Classes are ongoing and present different material in each series. Each class series typically begins the first week of the month. (Check schedule to verify dates.) New material is presented each week which generally builds on the previous week's information within the series. Approximately the first 10 minutes of class is set aside for warm-up and practice with the balance of the hour composed of a review of previous week's material, learning new material and practice time.

West Coast Swing Classes:
(Tuesday & Thursday)
The West Coast Swing classes follow a monthly ongoing format (4-week series unless otherwise noted). New material, as well as technique, lead/follow, and styling tips are covered each month. Class material varies each month.
Classes are held in San Francisco on Tuesday at the Monte Cristo Club and Thursday in Mountain View at the New Century Dance Studio. The SF schedule consists of two classes per night; Intermediate (Level 2) and Advanced* (Level 3). The Mountain View schedule offers two class levels the first hour: Basics Plus (Level 1) and Intermediate (Level 2) followed by the Advanced* class (Level 3) during the second hour.

West Coast Swing Class Levels & Requirement Guidelines
-Basics Plus class level presents the fundamantals and requires no prior experience.
-Intermediate class requires knowledge and proficiency of the basic steps and ability to dance them to music. WCS Basic Steps include: Sugar Push, Under Arm Turn, Side Pass, Tuck Turn, Turning Basic, Basic Whip & Variations as well as some turns. (see instructional video page for more extensive step list) click here
-Advanced* class requires solid knowledge and proficiency of the Intermediate level skills in addition to instructor approval.

Monday Classes: (Located at the Monte Cristo Club in San Francisco) [currently on hiatus]
Monday night typically features Intermediate Night Club Two Step one week per month. At times a different dance may be presented rotating between such dances as Hustle, West Coast Swing, Salsa and more. The Intermediate classes require knowledge of the fundamentals and cover a variety of material along with technique and styling. Beginning classes, when offered, are a perfect opportunity to get exposed to a new dance or add more variety to your current repertoire. Practice time is given during class. Due to holidays or the need for special scheduling, the Monday class may vary in length (number of weeks) and the dates held. (see class schedule)

Registration, Policies & Fees

Classes may be taken as a monthly series or on a drop-in basis -- as space is available. Pre-registration confirms your place in class and is a commitment to attend. Class fees are as listed above and reflect the "cash discount" pricing. Credit card pricicng is an additional $2. All fees listed are per person rates. No refunds or credit for unattended classes. You may exchange a Tuesday/Thursday WCS class as a make up for a missed class within a monthly series. Missed classes may not be carried over to another month. Pre-registration is preferred (or required as noted) as there is a 10 person mimimum per class; no maximum. We rotate partners so no partner is necessary and/or guaranteed. Drop-in registration is available each week, space permitting. Class series typically begins on the first Tuesday/Thursday/Monday of the month. Call to confirm a place, verify dates or to receive more information. No audio/video taping permitted.

TO REGISTER: You may pre-register by sending a check to Michelle Kinkaid, 671 Athens St., SF, CA 94112-3530. Please include the class name, location, and your telephone number on your check. You may also register at the door on the first night of class. Other registration options include using a credit card or PayPal online when those options are available.

Various Swing Dance Styles:
Visit Sonny Watson's website for an indepth view into swing dance styles and swing dance history.

West Coast Swing
This swing dance style is a smooth, slotted dance done to many types of music. Traditionally west coast swing has been danced to rhythm & blues and jazz, however in recent years the music spectrum has broadened to include many other music styles such as rock, disco, country, and contemporary/funk. West Coast Swing is one of the most versatile partner dances there is allowing each partner to express their individual interpretation while doing the basic dance patterns, as well as more intricate steps, footwork, and body movement.

Other Swing Styles (listed for informational purpose ... not taught in the Tues/Thurs classes):
East Coast Swing
This is a very common style of swing you might see done socially at parties and weddings. East Coast Swing is typically danced to big band, rock & roll, rock-a-billy, jump blues, and some contemporary music. There are two basic rhythms used in east coast swing... single time (for faster music) and triple time (for slower to medium speeds of music). This style of swing dances more in the round contrasting to the slotted style of west coast swing.

This is the original form of swing dance. The Lindy has roots way back to the 1920's when Jazz and Blues hit the music scene. You can see traces of Lindy in both East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. The Lindy is primarily danced to big band, jazz, and blues music. There are a variety of Lindy styles. Each containing their own unique characteristics some examples are: Smooth Lindy, Hollywood Style Lindy, and Flying Lindy. Dance music speed varies from slower to faster depending on which Lindy style you are dancing.

An upbeat Swing dance style that originated in Southern California. This dance style was originally danced totally in closed dance position with emphasis on fast and intricate footwork. Bal-Swing, which encompases open figures, has evolved from the original Balboa style.

Carolina Shag
A smooth, slow to medium speed style of slotted swing with emphasis on footwork. Originally done in the southeastern United States (North & South Carolina & Virginia, Florida) and primarily danced to beach music ... as well as other more traditional music styles of the 1950's & 1960's. Ex:
Nikki Kontoulas & Autumn Jones

St. Louis Shag
An upbeat swing style with emphasis on footwork & kicks. Typically danced to big band as well as faster R&B and Rock & Roll music.

Texas Push
A smooth style of swing with emphasis on 2-hand patterns, wraps, and turns. Done primarily in the midwest area of the United States. Danced to a variety of traditional R&B, Blues, and some contemporary music.

Houston Whip
Similar to Texas Push and done in the southern Texas area. Danced primarily to traditional R&B & Blues.

DC Hand Dance
Sort of a mixture between East and West Coast Swing, this dance uses a variety of music and originates in the Washington DC area.

Similar to East Coast Swing and done primarily in the southeastern United States. Danced to more traditional sounds of beach music, Rock & Roll, and R&B tunes.

Boogie Woogie
Similar to East Coast Swing. Danced to faster traditional boogie woogie 1940's style swing music; frequently big band tunes.

Similar to East Coast Swing. Danced to faster traditional swing music; big band tunes.

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