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West Coast Swing ~ Night Club Two Step ~ Hustle

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WCS #1 Beginning/Intermediate WCS Patterns (Revised 2009)
Learn the basic steps plus a few intermediate patterns which have you dancing in no time. A great way to get started or review the fundamental elements forunderstanding and mastering your basics.
58 minutes
Section 1: Starter Step, Throwout (Release), Sugar Push (Push Break), Underarm Turn (UAT), Left Side Pass.
Section 2: Underarm Turn w/HC, Right Side Pass, Turning Basic, Closed Tuck Turn, Basket Whip.
Section 3: Basic Whip, Inside Whip, BBHC Whip, Outside Whip, Two-Hand Tuck Turn.
WCS #2 Currently Out of Stock
WCS Technique & Styling
for Women (& Men)

Gain insight into the essentials of partner connection & communication.This video includes body isolation, foundation objectives plus spins and turns primarily for the Follower's perspective however is benificial also to the Leader. A must for improvement of technique!
60 minutes
Part #1: Body Isolations & Exercises, Strengthening & Warm-up;
Part #2: Foundations & Followers Objectives, Core Basics, Lead & Follow Pointers;
Part #3: Introduction to Spins & Turns (Single & Double)
WCS #3 Currently Out of Stock
WCS Syncopations & Styling for
Men & Women (Int)

A variety of syncopations and styling ideas are presented. Use these concepts then build, modify, and create to enhance your dance expression!
60 minutes
Slide & Cross Sugar Push Syncopation, Underarm Turn w/Hesitation Voltas, Step-Touch, Step, Step Syncopation, Holding Patterns (4) & Extensions (1-KBC, 2-Step Step in Place, 3-Out Out In Cross, 4-Knee Pops); Hip Rolls: Slow & Normal speed, Body Ripple (using Half Whip w/Freeze), Body Wave (using Sugar Push/Peel Off), Closed Tuck Turn Syncopation, Play Ideas & Extensions (2): Step Close Slinky, Walks, X-overs, Scoots (using UAT & Half Whip)
WCS #4Advanced West Coast Swing
Includes a variety of ten advanced patterns, syncopations and styling ideas to enhance your repertoire. Fun, exciting, and challenging!
54 minutes
Starter Step Variations (4), Basic, Step close, KBC, Swivel Walks Check & Reverse, Freeze Cross Whip, Sugar Push Syncopation (ooii), Whipit (12 ct), Flamingo Syncopation (using UAT), Grapevine Underarm Turn Syncopation, Neck Wrap Whip (Kiss whip), Bum Wrap and Flip Out Exit Combo, Face Loop Sugar Push w/Scoots & Bump
WCS #5 WCS Popular Variations I (Int+)
This video includes a combination of syncopations, patterns, and how to add that element of spice toyour repertoire. Broaden & spice up your fundamental dance!
60 minutes
Inside Whip with Arm Styling - Basic & 360o Sidepass Variations, Half Whip to Freeze with Basic and Improv exits, Ampersand with Swivel Walks & Flipout exit, Sonny's Swivel Variation, Underarm Turn with Flick & Brush + Syncopated Volta Sidepass, Twisting Figure 8 Sugar Push, Ronde Whip Variation.
WCS #6WCS Popular Variations II (Int+)
This exciting video bundles combinations, intricate footwork, extensions and "play" moves. Includes the famous Creepy Crawler Stalker Move, the Worm, Outside Double Mega Combo and the very popular Sit Dip.
60 minutes
2-Hand Sling to Lunge Combo (Slow & Standard Rise) Basic & Extended exit: Underarm turn w/HC and Worm Syncopation Extension, Outside Double Mega Combo: Outside Double w/HC & Snapback, Reverse Whip & Right Side Through, Wrap, & Slingshot, Leaders Hammerlock, Tummy Shuttle, Duck Under, Creepy Crawler Stalker Move Combo (Basic & Extended), Duffy shuffle Syncopation (Basic & Extended), Whooshing whip w/Arm Catch & Snapback, Underarm Turn into Shadow Position w/Slinky walks and Knee-pop Variations.
WCS #7 "Fun" Intermediate/Advanced
West Coast Swing

An enjoyable mixture of patterns, footwork, and "fun" play & extension variations are included on this tape. Geared for the solid intermediate and above dancer.
60 minutes
Segment #1: Boomerang Whip w/opt Struts, & Styled Tuck Turn, Sugar Push Variation w/KBC & Slow X-overs ... and optional Pulse & Push End
Segment #2: Walkback Whip-Basic & 2 Variations, Tuck to Backpass w/Wrap & Slingshot
Segment #3: 2-H Wrap/Unwrap/Snapback (3), Tuck Turn Play (2)
Segment #4: Illusion Turn-Basic & Dbl Hand Variations
Segment #5 Wrap & Snap, Stalking Walks, Fan, Marine Walks, R-R Reverse Whip (5), Surprise UAT Syncopation
WCS #8
West Coast Swing (Int/Adv)
"Outside The Box"

Take this dance for an interesting ride as we go "Outside The Box" ... exploring patterns and ideas that go beyond the standard count and structure. Incorporate improvisation and styling as well as concepts from other dances.Geared for the solid intermediate and above dancer.
60 minutes
Segment #1: Outside Whip w/HC, Lunge & Recover, Waist Wrap & Switchbacks (a) X-slot; (b) a+ Arm Catch & Snapback exit; (c) b+X-slot, Catch Closed, Block & Recover
Segment #2: R-R Slow Outside Turn w/Lunges, exit-L X-hand Split-Arm Rev Whip w/R,S, Thru, Swivel Walks w/Lunge & Fan (styling: fan, triple, passe, flick) Inside Turning Throwout.
Segment #3: Whip w/Tango Walks, Throwout w/Ins Roll Snapback//M's Turn into Shadow. R-R Side Pass w/Improvisation; Walk, Charleston, exit-R.
Segment #4: Hustle Whips: Basic, Body Wrap, Alt Loops.
Segment #5 Simon's Sweetheart, Follower's Fun Stuff.
NC2 #1 Beginning/Intermediate
Night Club Two Step

Also referred to as "Slow Two Step" and "Romantic Two Step" ... Learn this smooth, slow, romantic dance from the very beginning throughbasic intermediate patterns. Danced to slow, ballad music such as "Lady in Red" by Chris DeBurgh, "I Hope You Dance" by Leann Womak, and "Breath Again" by Toni Braxton.
56 minutes
Segment #1: Basic, Underarm Turn, Left Turn
Segment #2: Left Turn w/Hand Change, R-R Progressive Turn, R-R Underarm Turn, Free-hand Left Turn
Segment #3: Around The World & Variations, Peek-a-Boo (2)
Segment #4: Left Turn w/Release, Open Break & Forearm Spin, Grapevine, Left Turn w/Inside Roll, Grapevine w/U-turn
HUS #1 Beginning/Intermediate Hustle
This fun, driving dance (which originated in the 1970's to Disco music) begins with basic fundamentals and includes some intermediate variations.
55 minutes
Segment #1: Rhythm, Closed Turning Basic (X-Body Lead) Release & Close (open & close)
Segment #2: Release to Double Hand, 2-Hand Passing Basic, Head Loop, Back Pass
Segment #3: Flick to Shadow: exit Right, Optional Strut Walks (aka Diva Walks), Sliding Doors
Segment #4: Flick to Shadow: exit Left, Hesitation (break), Grapevine Footwork

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