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West Coast Swing Classes & Dancing

Every Wednesday
with Michelle Kinkaid & Team!


This is a special night where in addition to our regular West Coast Swing
classes we offer an additional class from 8:30pm-8:50pm in another dance.

Next Date: May 2, 2018 - Nightclub Two Step

Keep watching for our next "Bonus Wednesday". Please let me know if you
have a favorite dance you would like to see included on the Bonus Wednesday program.
Email Michelle: michellekinkaid5678@gmail.com

"Veteran's Day Celebration"
Celebrating and honoring our Veterans
Free to all military personnel; any branch, any service. Please show ID.


Wednesday Swing


"EVERY" Wednesday Night
West Coast Swing Lessons & Dancing
with Michelle Kinkaid & Team!

(Hosted by Michelle since 10/17/12)

SCHEDULE: (Two class levels per session)
7:00pm-7:45pm ... Level 1 (Beginner) & Level 3 (Intermediate)
7:45pm-8:30pm ... Level 2 (Adv Beginner) & Level 4 (Int/Advanced)
8:30pm-11:00pm ... Dancing to Music Mix w/ DJ, Michelle or Guest
Playing a West Coast Swing music mix
plus Nightclub Two Step, Country, Hustle
Cha Cha and other popular favorites.
(Requests accepted and encouraged)

Lessons & Dancing (7-11pm) . . . $12
Open Dancing (8:30-11pm) . . . $7

Peninsula Italian American Social Club
100 North "B" Street
San Mateo, CA 94401

CalTrain Transportation Info: Click Here

EVENT FLYER (click here)

Michelle Kinkaid
Tel/Fax: (415) 585-6282
Email: michellekinkaid5678@gmail.com

BONUS WEDNESDAY Bonus Wednesday is a special night where in addition to our regular WCS classes (7pm-8:30pm) we offer an additional class from 8:30pm-8:50pm in another dance. The bonus dances have been Nightclub Two Step, Country Two Step, Cha Cha, Salsa, Hustle, Waltz, and some specialty dances like Cowboy Cha Cha, Chinese Jitterbug, Barn Dance Mixer and West Coast Swing Cuts. We typically play several of these songs during the evening dance every week so everyone can practice the steps that are taught and enjoy these fun dances. Keep watching for our next "Bonus Wednesday"!

THANK YOU to those of you that have given your feedback so far ... keep it coming! You CAN have a say in what is played at our dances. I'm interested in hearing from ALL our dancers. What is your favorite music ... Do you like Blues, Contemporary, R&B, etc? Do you like slower, medium or faster speeds? Is there a special song or artist you like? We have a music request board at B-Street Boogie to list your song choices. You can also email me privately. Looking forward to hearing your musical interests!

Congratulations to our two recent "Surprise Door Prize" winners!
Our Secret Santa that donated several gift certificates in December to
be given at our Wednesday night dance GAVE us the idea of doing a
door prize drawing. So, watch for our occasional "surprise" door drawing nights!

DJ Lament
An interesting perspective about dance music ... CLICK HERE

Dance & Draw 2017 #1      Dance & Draw 2017 #2
Winner - Debbie Dittman      Winner - James Outlaw
South Bay Ticket           Mountain Magic Ticket
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

June Wider - Dance and Draw II winner
Mountain Magic Dance Convention ticket (10/8/14)

Arnold Champagne - Dance and Draw winner
South Bay Dance Fling ticket (8/20/14)

Top of Beardsley's ... Ed, Phil & Sandy retire!

Phil & Sandy (w/Shooter), Ed
*Ed, Phil & Sandy retired 10/10/12 after 34 1/2 years hosting Top of Beardsley's!
Congratulations to Ed Cirio and Phil & Sandy Trau on their most
amazing success in running Top of Beardsley's Swing Dancing
for all these years. Many thanks to them for all they have done for the
Swing Dance community. They have provided a place to learn, a place
to dance ... and a place to make lifelong friends.
What an amazing gift to all of us!

Michelle continues this WCS Wednesday tradition as of 10/17/12.

Map-Bay Area
Map-San Mateo

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